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There are times it doesn't seem possible for us to recover, heal, and be restored from the damage that has been inflicted on our emotions. When, through life's trials, we face the pain of abuse, rejection, abandonment, neglect, betrayals and other traumatic or tragic events, our souls get wounded and our hearts get broken. We try to navigate through life, but it seems impossible to overcome some of the intense emotional pains we have endured. People say, "Time heals everything," but that is far from the truth. Time doesnÂt heal. Through time we just learn to live with the pain, burying it deep inside where it remains hidden and festers beneath the surface. We put bandages on a heart that needs surgery. However, emotional healing is possible for those who are willing and who believe it's possible. You can be free from your past and its hurts.

Be Happy and Free Today! BK

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